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A little over a year ago Thermalright released two new coolers, one of which was the HR-02 model. This cooler became the best in fanless mode and with low-speed cooling fans. In fact, HR-02 had only two drawbacks: high price and no fan included with the accessories.  However, many considered the second “drawback” more of an advantage taking into account the cooler positioning and no desire to pay extra for a fan that could be useless or unsuitable for whatever reason.

Anyway, it seems like Thermalright may have decided to change their strategy from having highly efficient and super-expensive coolers to targeting more of a mainstream market segment. Following a pretty successful True Spirit cooler, they relaunched their Thermalright HR-02 under a new name – Macho. However, the name change wasn’t the only new thing about it. Most importantly, the new cooler now comes with a high-quality fan and costs only $40 instead of $80! There are a few minor changes in the design of the cooler as well, and this is what we are going to talk about in our today’s review.

Packaging and Accessories

You can tell that the cooler price has gone down just by looking at its packaging: it is way smaller and is made from relatively thin cardboard, which is not brown, but green and black:

Unfortunately, the cooler inside the box is not very securely protected: only several cardboard triangles and a flat box with accessories cover it at the top. If it were to sustain a fall or hit, the heatsink and most likely the fan will be damaged, so when you buy this cooler, make sure you check it out right in the store.

The cooler is bundled with retention kits for all contemporary platforms, some thermal paste, an installation guide in multiple languages and a Thermalright sticker:

The cooler is manufactured in Taiwan and is priced at $40 MSRP.

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