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It’s been a while since we enjoyed a new super-cooler from the Korean Zalman Tech Co., Ltd. In fact, it has been so long, that we have almost forgotten what the last one of them looked like. The most memorable product among the most recent offerings is, probably, Zalman CNPS10X Performa, but we still couldn’t really place it into the prestigious super-cooler rank, because its efficiency wasn’t high enough. The 11th series of the Zalman CPU coolers failed to impress us with their cooling potential. Moreover, they were more expensive than the CNPS10X Performa (although we haven’t yet checked out the CNPS11X Performa, this review will be coming up shortly).

The new Zalman CNPS12X cooler showcased back in March at the CeBIT 2011 show is a great candidate for this vacancy in Zalman’s model range. To be more exact, it has every chance to get to the top of it. Let’s see, if it is indeed more than just a chance.

Packaging and Accessories

There is nothing remarkable about the packaging of the new Zalman CNPS12X: it is a common cardboard box with a partial picture of a heatsink and fan on the front:

The side and back panel of the box contain everything you need to know about this cooler, including the description of its key peculiarities and the list of technical specifications:


The cooler inside the box is sealed in a clear plastic blister:

This packaging protects the unit from all possible transportation damages.

There is a user’s manual and a bag with accessories on top of the blister, which contains the following items:

  • Universal backplate;
  • Two steel retention panels;
  • Universal retention bracket;
  • Zalman ZM-STG2 thermal paste (4.1 W/m*K);
  • Long L-shaped hex-key;
  • A set of bushes, mounts and retention screw-nuts;
  • Four plastic caps for the backplate;
  • Adapter cable with RC5 resistor;
  • Two pads for the backplate;
  • Two strips of insulating washers;
  • Zalman logo sticker.

Zalman CNPS12X is made in South Korea and will be retailing for $99. We didn’t find any information about the warranty on the packaging or in the user manual, but it should be at least 1 year.

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