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The South Korean Zalman Tech Co., Ltd. is an old-timer and one of the leaders in the market for computer component cooling. Times have passed when Zalman brand delivered absolutely the best processor coolers and was in fact the trend-setter in this field. Today we could name at least another 4-6 makers, which products could deliver at least the same cooling efficiency at the same or even lower price. Nevertheless, Zalman is not ready to give in. They are currently offering a flagship CNPS12X cooler priced at over $90, an entry-level CNPS10X Optima priced at $35, a Zalman CNPS20LQ liquid-cooling system and a variety of other coolers. They have recently expanded their family with a new Zalman CNPS14X model, which will be the main hero of our today’s review.

Packaging and Accessories

The front side of the packaging is decorated with the photograph of the cooler in a cloud of pearl fog:

It looks pretty, but no more than that. I doubt that there is some kind of hidden meaning in this image, because no overclocker will ever want the cooler to start smoking, even if the smoke is of pretty pearl kind like that :)

The other sides of the packaging are, as usual, pretty informative:


The cooler inside the box is secured in soft polyurethane foam insert. On top of it you will find all the included accessories, such as a universal backplate and retention brackets, plastic caps, screws, a special wrench, wire clips for additional fans, ZM-STG2M thermal paste, installation guide and a Zalman logo sticker:

The cooler is manufactured in Korea and comes with 1-year warranty. Its recommended retail price is set at $54.99, which is not expensive at all for a Zalman product.

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