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The recent news says that we are not going to see AMD processors with Bulldozer architecture any time soon. They will only arrive half a year from now or even later. Fortunately, it doesn't mean that AMD has no competitive products that might affect the market situation right now. Released in April, the Phenom II X6 series has been a remarkable demonstration of force. Having as many as six full-featured CPU cores, Phenom II X6 processors perform very well in multithreaded applications, being faster than the Core i5 series and even challenging the more expensive models of the Core i7 family.

Intel had not been prepared to such an unexpected success of its archrival. At the moment of the announcement, the Phenom II X6 series proved to be more appealing than other offers available then in the price range of $250-350. Intel had to take some countermeasures.

After a few months we can see the numerous consequences of the arrival of inexpensive six-core CPUs from AMD. First, Intel has offered an overclocker-targeted series of CPUs. AMD's top-end processors can be overclocked by means of increasing their frequency multiplier, so Intel has implemented the same solution in its quad- and dual-core K series processors. Second, the junior Core i7 model has become considerably cheaper. The Core i7-860 now costs about the same money as the Phenom II X6 1090T. And third, senior Core i5 series models have increased their clock rates. A quad-core Core i5-760 and a dual-core Core i5-680 are now available in shops.

Among all these measures that Intel has taken to make its products more appealing we find the release of the new CPU models the most exciting. We mean the Core i5-760 in particular. This model comes at a recommended price of $205 and can be viewed as an improved alternative to the highly popular Core i5-750 which has become one of the most widespread LGA1156 processors thanks to its Lynnfield core and affordable price. That's why we are so interested in taking a closer look at its successor Core i5-760.

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