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To rank all the mainboard makers experts usually study their financial reports, compare the production volumes, gross income and profits. As for us, the end-users, we mostly care about completely different things: whether we will be able to find something meeting our needs in the company’s product range. However, each and every one of us has his or her interests therefore, the first thing that becomes or utmost importance is the product range size and versatility. The more choice the manufacturer has to offer, the higher are the chances that there will be what potential buyers are looking for, and the more potential buyers will turn into real users thus increasing the manufacturer’s profits and allowing them to raise the production volumes to meet the demand. ASRock, being one of the today’s leaders in the mainboard segment, has always paid close attention to the versatility of their product range and are constantly adding new models to it. As a result, users with very diverse needs and wants can always find an ASRock product that will meet their needs and requirements.

If, for example, you are looking for an LGA 1155 mainboard on Intel Z77 Express chipset and are planning to build a complex graphics sub-system with two or more graphics accelerators, then you should definitely check out ASRock Z77 Extreme9. If you are a computer enthusiast, love gaming and overclocking, then you should think about getting ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Professional or ASRock Z77 OC Formula. If you are building a universal system with wide functionality, then you should go for ASRock Z77 Extreme6. However, despite all the advantages of the above listed models, we assume that ASRock Z77 Extreme4 mainboard is probably the most popular of all. This model doesn’t have anything unique that could distinguish it from the other boards, but it offers very attractive combination of price and functionality that is why its success if totally logical. In fact, I personally decided to get one of those for my home system.

For quite some time ASRock Z77 Extreme4 remained the junior model in the Z77 Extreme series from ASRock, but soon a new Extreme3 model came out. The first question you ask is what’s the difference between the two? Which features and functions have been sacrificed to justify a lower model number and lower price? What if the functionality of the Extreme3 model had turned out so handicapped that the low price point couldn’t make up for it and it could make more sense to go for a slightly more expensive, but also more functional product instead? Our today’s review will answer all these questions. So, let’s start with the direct comparison right away.

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