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Generally speaking, mainboards for enthusiasts are not usually based on chipsets that allow using an integrated graphics core. A user who is satisfied with an integrated GPU is not supposed to require enhanced functionality. However, the Intel Z68 Express is the most functional of all chipsets for LGA1155 processors, so it is viewed as an exception by mainboard makers. Every Z68-based mainboard we've tested so far featured a complex cooling system, a number of extra controllers, and a lot of additional capabilities, technologies and functions.

Biostar follows its own approach to constructing mainboards, though. Building on the fact that the Intel Z68 Express is itself functional enough, the company has added just a minimum of other chips to come up with the Biostar TZ68K+ mainboard we’re going to take a look at in this review.

Packaging and Accessories

In order to deliver inexpensive products to its customers, a manufacturer has to keep the costs as low as possible. We can see it with this product everywhere, starting from its packaging. Biostar doesn't use customized box designs for different products. They develop a unified design for an entire product series and then affix a sticker with a required model name and a few logos of the technologies and features supported by the particular mainboard. This helps tell one model from another by looking at their boxes.


Part of the same cost-reduction policy, the accessories are just a bare minimum of what you need to assemble and use your computer. We found the following in the box: a user manual, a CD with drivers and utilities, an I/O shield, and four SATA cables (with straight connectors and metallic locks).

The single extra thing you can find here is a strap with company logo (it’s not shown in the photo) which is included with almost any mainboard from Biostar. It can be used to tie together any cables inside or outside the system case.

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