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I guess every computer user has his personal notion as to what an ideal keyboard should be like. Some prefer classic models with full-travel keys, others are all for mechanical-switch keyboards and disdainful of membrane ones. Devoted gamers need their keyboards to process multiple keystrokes correctly while people who habitually work at nights would want a quiet and backlit keyboard. There is no ultimate solution. You have to take into account a lot of individual factors such as your physiology, work style, applications, usage scenarios, etc. when choosing the keyboard that is right for yourself.

Today, I am going to tell you about a device that is designed for processing large amounts of text. Being a hardware reviewer, I definitely fall into the product’s target audience. Until recently I used to type my texts on an inexpensive but very handy Logitech UltraX which I had chosen for two reasons. It has a high-quality mechanics and a classic layout (with an L-shaped Enter and a full-featured editing block including Ins, Del, Home, End, Page Up and Page Down). But as my old keyboard had got worn out, I found I needed a replacement.

My first candidate was the rather expensive but almost ideal Logitech Illuminated Keyboard which took all the best from the UltraX and added excellent backlighting which I had often missed at nights, but I did not like the wired interface as well as Logitech’s typical layout of the editing block with a vertical Delete button. Another model from Logitech, the diNovo Edge, was wireless but had a nonstandard editing block, too. It also lacked normal backlighting and had no numpad on the right (it has a TouchDisc there, which is perfectly useless for me). So, I kept on looking for my ideal.

Perhaps I would have wound up buying the mentioned Illuminated Keyboard if Logitech hadn’t introduced a new and wireless model into that series. The Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 is quite an unusual product that certainly deserves a review. Let’s get started then.

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