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A new brand emerged on the network attached storage market at the end of 2012. It is ASUSTOR and it made its debut with products based on the x86 platform. Such NASes are known to deliver high performance, yet at a high price, so ASUSTOR plans to compete with well-known brands like QNAP, Synology and Netgear in the top-end market segment. Besides hardware, the software aspect is important for that purpose since software components account for the larger share of a top-end NAS’s price. It is no easy task to find a place on such a highly competitive market, but ASUSTOR has one advantage in the way of its close relationships with ASUSTeK Computer, a leader of the IT industry. We will also see that the product design and some software features aren’t exactly original and may be familiar to users of other NASes.

ASUSTOR offers four models for 2, 4, 6 and 8 hard disk drives. We’ll check out the 4-disk AS-604T model which is targeted at professional users and SMBs.

Package and Accessories

The NAS is shipped in plain cardboard packaging with a sticker that shows you a photo of the product, its name, specs and accessories. Being quite heavy (3.5 kg), the box has a carry handle. The NAS is well protected during transportation with the pieces of foam rubber.

The accessories are standard enough for this product class: a power cord (its plug depends on the particular region), two Ethernet cables, HDD screws, and a CD with electronic documentation and software (Control Center, Backup Plan, Download Assistant). The names of the software tools are self-explanatory. The first and third are available for Windows and Mac OS whereas Backup Plan is only compatible with Microsoft’s OSes.

So we haven’t encountered anything unusual so far. Everything’s just as with other NASes available on the market.

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