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Last year we were quite pleased with the first product that Patriot Memory, a well-known maker of system memory and flash disks, introduced to the network attached storage market. The Patriot Valkyrie wasn't exactly fast or functional, yet could make a good file storage solution at a very appealing price.

The last summer Patriot made its next step by releasing the four-disk Javelin S4. Featuring an eye-catching design and integrated power supply, the new model is priced just as modestly as its predecessor.

Package and Accessories

The Javelin S4 is a four-disk NAS, so its box is quite large at 28 x 31 x 21 centimeters. It is painted a mixture of white and black with a few drops of red here and there. As usual, you can see product photos, key features and a connection scheme on the box.

You will find a standard set of accessories inside: a power cord, a LAN cable, frames and screws for HDDs, a key to lock the HDD bay, a CD with software tools and user manuals, and an installation guide.

The included disc contains the utility you use to initialize the NAS (Dashboard) and an OEM version of Acronis Backup & Recovery Server 10. In the tech support section of the Patriot Memory website you can find a downloadable image of the included CD, an electronic version of the user manual (in English), firmware updates, a list of compatible HDDs, and a plugin to implement a Squeezebox media server.

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