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Western Digital is first and foremost one of the few HDD makers left after the numerous mergers. However, the company also offers other types of products, including media players and network attached storage devices, which are related to its main business. It takes a large HDD to store multimedia files whereas NASes cannot do without HDDs at all.

Products a company doesn’t specialize in often come out mediocre in terms of features and capabilities. But even lacking in user-oriented features, they can at least be expected to sell at an attractive price.

The Sentinel DX4000 is currently the only NAS in the company’s Small Business Storage category. It is promoted as an easy-to-set-up and easy-to-manage NAS with data protection features, secure remote access, high performance and compatibility with different OSes.

The Sentinel DX4000 is shipped with different HDD configurations ranging in capacity from 4 to 16 gigabytes. We've got the junior version for our tests. It is based on the x86 platform with an Intel Atom processor and Microsoft Windows Storage Server Essentials 2008 R2. It is shipped with a 3-year warranty. Additionally the manufacturer provides paid tech support and WD Guardian services whereas the warranty can be extended to 5 years.

The mentioned OS is the junior version in the NAS-oriented OS series from Microsoft. It is meant for SOHO businesses with up to 25 client devices.

Package and Accessories

The Sentinel DX4000 is shipped in a very large box that measures 34 x 29 x 40 cm but its interior is largely filled up with air and pieces of foam rubber. The manufacturer has taken care that the device reaches its buyer without any problems.


The accessories include an external 120W power adapter with several cords for different regions, an Ethernet cable, a thick user manual, and a leaflet with tech support and warranty information.

Frankly speaking, an external power adapter isn’t a good solution for a 4-disk corporate NAS, but it is easier to replace in case of failure and better in terms of temperature inside the case. The power adapter is manufactured by FSP and its mains connector is of the notebook rather than the desktop form-factor. Such cables are not so widespread, so you should try not to lose the included one. The NAS's fan turns on as soon as you connect the power adapter irrespective of the status of the NAS itself. The accessories do not include any discs with software. All of it must be already written on the hard disks.

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