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OCZ Technology has been making news recently. Unfortunately, the main topic of most recent company reports were not some breathtaking innovations or business successes. On the contrary, OCZ has been dealing with some financial issues that prevented it from reporting to the stockholders in time over the last few months. Of course, that could impact the company's reputation, especially since OCZ management had to make certain statements which made many end-users feel uneasy. We’ve learned, for example, that OCZ used to be too generous to consumers, pricing their products too low, whereas the product range was too large and included too many models with low profit rate. This business strategy has helped OCZ quickly become the No.1 supplier of solid state drives among companies that do not produce flash memory. However, the same strategy has driven the company into a difficult financial situation, which the new management is trying to fix.

One way or another, if OCZ wants to survive, it has to resort to some unpopular measures that will hardly please the end-users. The company has already been cutting down its SSD product range, increasing the pricing of the remaining products to financially justifiable level. These changes are accompanied by massive staff cuts in every department. In other words, they do everything they can to save the company and also keep what OCZ has accumulated over the years: loyal customers, experienced engineers, intellectual property.

It means OCZ has to keep on working even better than before. The company needs a hit product that would prove its viability as a business. Fortunately, OCZ had prudently invested into developing its own SSD platform, buying out a number of firms with appropriate technologies: Indilinx, PLX Technology, SANRAD Inc. And now it’s just the right time to present the very best the company's engineers have managed to achieve. The new hope is called OCZ Vector and you may have already heard about this highly promising product over the past few months. Today, the Vector is announced officially and goes on sale.

OCZ can’t afford losing now. The Vector series is meant to uphold the company's reputation, make it profitable and make its investors believe that OCZ is worth every penny they have invested so far, and even more. That’s what makes the new product so exciting, too. And since the manufacturer is interested in as broad of a coverage as possible, we’ve got our sample of OCZ Vector a few days before the official release and have already prepared this independent review.

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