Corsair vs EVGA vs Seasonic PSUs – Which Brand to Choose?

Every time we mention gaming, building a PC, and the mistakes associated with that process, we have to mention that you should NEVER cheap out on your power supply unit since that single component can ruin your entire build if it fails.

PSUs, as the name suggests, feed power to every single component in your build, and if your unit is cheap it most likely won’t have enough power to give to power-hungry components which will lead to crashes or failure.

To make sure you get a good power supply we always recommend buying from reputable brands, and in the PSU market there is usually a fight between 3 big names – Corsair vs EVGA vs Seasonic.

Corsair, EVGA, Seasonic PSUs – Why Are These the Best?

The main reason we are looking at Corsair vs EVGA vs Seasonic power supply options is that these 3 brands have a wide range and variety to fit whatever your needs may be.

Any of their PSUs will last you a long time since they are well made. EVGA/Corsair/Seasonic have different models with different modularity options and with different efficiency ratings. We would recommend going for an 80 Plus Gold rating at least and a semi-modular power supply if you can’t afford a fully modular one.

Any of their PSUs will be great for gaming and other intensive tasks that will require your parts to consume more power.

To know how much power you will need for your PSU purchase you can use this handy power supply calculator that will give you a rough idea of how much wattage your build will need.

As we said for efficiency and modularity you can just get whatever fits you best, but for ease-of-use and cable management, modular power supplies are a lot better.

Which One to Choose?

Considering that all of the factors mentioned above apply equally to all 3 brands, which power supply should you get? The answer to this question is really simple – the cheaper one!

Let us presume you want a 750W 80 Plus Gold rated power supply that is semi-modular or fully modular for your build. The differences between EVGA vs Corsair vs Seasonic power supplies in this category are so minuscule (since all 3 are very good) that the only factor you should be looking for is the price!

All 3 PSUs have quiet fans during operation, stable power delivery, and since all 3 power supply brands are rated for continuous operation, not peak, you get the full 750W power at all times.

If you can buy the Corsair PSU for 120$ but the EVGA one costs 140$ and the Seasonic one is 160$ but all have the exact same specs, it makes no sense to invest 20$ more in something that will perform identically.

So what is the conclusion to this comparison? As long as you are looking at these 3 specific brands, and at the same specs for all 3 PSUs, just buy the cheaper one (deals or maybe some sale is going on) and save some money while losing nothing in return!

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