Cooler Master MP510 – A Unique Cordura Fabric Mousepad!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that a lot of gaming products on the market are quite boring. This is especially true when you look at the gaming mousepad industry that seems to be using the same formula over and over again.

Luckily for us, there are still interesting mousepads out there that deserve our attention. Like the MPC450 the MP510 from Cooler Master is a unique Cordura fabric mousepad that changes the way you play your games.

After using the MP510 mousepad for more than 3 years I believe I can offer you a fair review of what to expect from this quirky pad.


The Cooler Master MP510 could still be considered a mousepad from the pre-Artisan mousepad era when expectations for your regular gaming mouse pads were pretty low. The MP510 comes rolled up in a regular box and opts to not use the flat-packing method that is very important for Cordura pads.

cooler master mp510 package

Because of this oversight, the pad does not lay flat when taken out of the box and it will take quite a bit of time for the corners to be somewhat flat. This is obviously because the Cordura fabric is extremely tough and stubborn.

To somehow speed up this process you can leave a stack of heavy books on the corners of the MP510 mousepad that do not want to lay flat.

Overall the packaging on the MP510 is unimpressive – a simple box with your mousepad rolled inside.


If the packaging was quite disappointing, the one thing that makes this mousepad so special is the Cordura surface that the Cooler Master MP510 employs. As mentioned in our review of the MPC450, the Cordura fabric is extremely long-lasting and will retain its glide and feel for a very long period of time.

The fabric is also water and dustproof giving you some extra peace of mind when it comes to keeping your mousepad clean.

The biggest issue gamers usually have with Cordura fabric pads is the speed of the surface. Because of its roughness Cordura tends to be quite smooth and fast. To offset this situation Cooler Master has decided to create a special texture on the MP510.

cooler master mp510 close up

The mousepad has a very distinct bumpy texture and weave that slows down the Cordura fabric and gives the user control over their movements. The pad then has a lot of stopping power but the glide is also fast because of the unique combination of special fabric and texture.

It is also important to mention that a weird situation arose because of the special texture of the MP510. On very rare occasions even very good gaming mice like the Glorious Model O (some Model O users have reported this issue) have had tracking issues most likely because of the LOD of the sensor.

I have personally used a Model O/O- on the MP510 for over a year and have never experienced any issues whatsoever.

Another small tip I would like to give you guys is to prepare a hand sleeve if you plan on playing on the MP510. Cordura is naturally rough and the textured weave Cooler Master used makes this pad even rougher on the skin than before. If you have sensitive skin then a sleeve is a must for you!

I have used a gaming sleeve with the MP510 and had no trouble with friction or discomfort.

Overall the most interesting part about the Cooler Master MP510 gaming mousepad is definitely the unique surface that to this day can only be found on this pad, so if you are bored of OEM fabric try this pad out!


The stitching on the MP510 is quite annoying to me. The issue is not with the quality of the stitching but with the significant bump it creates at the edge of the mousepad.

You see, even if the stitching on the MP510 is clearly of high quality and does not fray easily, the fact that whenever I move my hand around on the pad I feel the bump is quite unfortunate.

cooler master mp510 with logo

This might not be an issue for everyone as even I have gotten used to this situation pretty fast, but overall it should be mentioned that the stitching is definitely not the highest standard we have seen on mousepads.

Rubber Base

The rubber base on the Cooler Master MP510 is nothing exceptional. It is a solid rubber base that keeps the pad on the table with no issues.

cooler master mp510 back

I have had no problems with the pad sliding around while gaming or even when trying to push it around a bit.

As I said before, the rubber base simply does what it’s supposed to and while unimpressive compared to other surfaces used for grip, it definitely cannot be criticized either.

Pricing & Availability

The biggest advantage of this mousepad over other Cordura fabric offerings like the MPC450 and the SPC Endorphy (both pads are only found in Europe) is the fact that the MP510 is widely available around the world and can be purchased for around 20-25 $/€!

You can most likely find it in your local stores and can buy it locally without having to wait for shipping from other countries.

Overall very nice price and ease of purchase for the Cooler Master MP510 Cordura mousepad.


Although the Cooler Master MP510 might not have the best packaging, the best stitching, or rubber base, it does have a unique surface that is a much-needed break from OEM feeling gaming mousepads.

If you are tired of basic cloth pads then it is time for you to spice up your life with some Cordura fabric goodness.

Review Summary

The Cooler Master MP510 is a unique mousepad with a special Cordura fabric weave. It offers you durability, speed, and even control all in one package. The best part is that this mousepad is widely available and is also relatively well priced to its competition!

  • Surface 8.0
  • Pricing 10
  • Stitching 7.0


  • Extremely good price and availability
  • Unique surface and weave
  • Has good durability


  • The stitching is bumpy
  • The mousepad comes rolled instead of flat-packed

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