Keyboard Modding – Pudding Keycaps

There are many complicated and technical mods that you can do on your mechanical keyboard, like switch lubing, filming, stabilizer swapping, etc. For most newbies in the mechanical keyboard market, all of these might be daunting and too complex to pull off.

So what is a simple and quick mod to make your keyboard look and feel better while also requiring minimal technical knowledge?

The best first mod you can choose is to swap your keycaps to something a bit cooler that enhances your keyboard’s natural RGB – pudding keycaps!

What Are Pudding Keycaps?

Pudding keycaps are specially designed keycaps that have translucent sides which allows the RGB light from your keyboard to shine through more and morph your board into a real-life rainbow.

pudding keycap side view

Most stock keycaps you will find on budget boards or even on very popular keyboards are somewhat translucent and let some light through but choosing to put on a new set of pudding keycaps will change the aesthetic of your keyboard entirely.

pudding keycaps detached

Most pudding keycap sets will work with the basic Cherry MX stem therefore if you have Gateron or Kailh switches you do not have to worry about compatibility issues.

Overall 99% of mechanical switches use the same keycap design so you should not worry much about your purchase not fitting with your keyboard.

Why Get Pudding Keycaps?

Obviously, the biggest reason you would want to purchase pudding keycaps and mod your basic-looking keyboard is for the strong RGB light and overall appealing aesthetics.

Your keyboard is often the central piece on your desk and if it looks bland and boring it might ruin your overall vibe.

keyboard with pudding keycaps

Another important reason could be the fact that your stock keycaps that came with your keyboard are getting old, or simply were low quality. By purchasing a good quality set of pudding keycaps you get to renew the brand new feeling of your keyboard and get the super bright RGB as an extra.

The last reason why you should go with the pudding keycap mod is that these sets of keycaps are not very expensive. If you have browsed any site that sells new keycap sets you might have noticed how quickly the prices go up. It is not rare to see special keycaps that cost 100$+.

The pudding keycaps are rather simple, therefore low-cost which makes them perfect for beginners that are not sure they want to spend hundreds of dollars on keycaps for their boards.

Where to Get Pudding Keycaps?

Another great aspect of the pudding keycaps is the fact that these sets are widely available on the internet. You can find a lot of keycap sets on or

If you are from Europe like me, a good place to find some basic keycap sets is Max Gaming. You can find both black and white pudding keycaps with ease, so you do not have to import them from China or the US.


If you want to slowly start modding your mechanical keyboard and do not know where to begin, then spending 20$ on a pudding keycap set is a great idea. Swapping keycaps is very easy, and the new pudding set will definitely improve the look and feel of your old keyboard!

Do not forget to also buy sunglasses because boy oh boy does your keyboard get bright with these keycaps!

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