Logitech G Pro X Superlight Corepad Skates Review

In the world of gaming, it is truly hard to find a component or a peripheral that is truly perfect. You see, even the best wireless mice out on the market have some flaws that take them down a notch.

Today we will discuss a glaring issue with the current king of wireless mice the Logitech G Pro X Superlight. Eeven though this mouse comes the closest to being perfect, an extremely big oversight on Logitech’s side were the mouse feet they decided to put on this mouse.

For some weird reason, Logitech used thin, scratchy, and overall sub-par feeling PTFE feet on what is arguably the best mouse out right now. So what do you do? Do you just not buy the mouse?

If you are familiar with a little bit of peripheral modding like paracord cables and mouse grip tape you know you can easily fix this issue with aftermarket PTFE feet!

Today we will quickly talk about Corepad aftermarket skates for the G Pro X Superlight, and why this is the best possible investment for someone that owns this mouse already!

Why Would You Change the Original Mouse Feet?

Even though we state that this is a major issue why would people even be concerned with the original PTFE feet that come with the Superlight?

logitech g pro x superlight top side view

Well the biggest reason you would want to change them is the fact that the mouse feet do not feel smooth therefore drag down the overall experience of using this mouse.

After I took the Superlight and used it for the first 10 minutes I was originally very unimpressed. There was something off about the mouse and I could not tell what it was. Soon I have figured out that the slow and muddy feeling feet are to blame.

The original feet on the Superlight are very very thin and even use a special second padding surface to fill the whole area where the mouse feet should be placed. This is a very weird design choice when Logitech could have just used thicker PTFE feet and spared us some troubles.

Overall if you are not impressed with your Logitech G Pro X Superlight experience you should definitely swap out the stock mouse feet!

Why Get Corepads?

Since I knew about this issue before I purchased the mouse I have ordered Corepad mouse feet along with my Superlight. Once I swapped the custom feet on my mouse the experience drastically changed.

The Corepad feet are thicker and reduce the frictional resistance therefore improve the sliding properties of your mouse. Even better is the fact that these feet become even smoother after prolonged use achieving even a coefficient of below 0,06μ.

logitech g pro x superlight corepad skates bottom

Something I have noticed is that the scratchiness of the stock feet made me uncomfortable while tracking targets when aiming. Something felt off. On the other hand the Corepads, because of their excellent lubrication, made tracking targets easy and satisfying.

The overall motions and swipes I do on my mousepad feel a lot crisper and more precise now because the reduction in friction provides improved accuracy when playing.

Overall aim-wise and just experience-wise the mouse feels a lot more premium to use simply by swapping out the average mouse feet it comes with.

Another great thing is the fact that you get 2 sets of feet per purchase so you even have spare feet for when the PTFE gets too scratched and becomes noticeable slower than before.

logitech g pro x superlight corepad skates package

The extra feet mean that you can swap them out on the spot and experience a brand new glide again.

Where to Get Corepads?

Buying aftermarket PTFE feet is pretty simple nowadays. For example, you can find Corepads on their official site for the G Pro X Superlight or you can find them on retailer sites like Max Gaming for EU and Lethal Gaming for NA.

You will most likely not find custom mouse feet in your local stores so we encourage you to use the retailers mentioned above.


Even though out of the box the Logitech G Pro X Superlight has a glaring issue, this situation can be easily resolved by purchasing aftermarket PTFE feet like Corepads.

It is a real shame that Logitech has omitted such an important aspect of a premium 150$/€ mouse making us pay another 8-9$/€ to make the experience what it should have been from the very start.

Yay for Corepads and shame on Logitech!

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