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USB flash drives are getting cheaper and larger with each passing day. A few hundred megabytes was considered a quite nice capacity just a little while ago but now the user needs gigabytes of storage space. 16 and 32GB models are already available, yet it is 4GB flash drives that enjoy highest demand as they have an optimal price/capacity ratio.

This roundup covers about three dozens of 4GB flash drives so that you could choose the one that meets your specific requirements to the exterior design, ergonomics, and performance.

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A-Data C701

It is a classic flash drive with a detachable cap. The meshed cap slips off just too easily and may get lost. You can put the cap on the drive’s butt-end at work but it doesn’t sit firm there. The holes in the mesh allow using a neck strap. The drive has a green activity indicator and comes without any accessories.


Size: 57.7 x 17.1 x 8.0mm; weight: 8.2g.

A-Data C702



The design of this flash drive can also be called classic. It has a long case and a retractable connector. The C702 looks nice and can be easily opened with one hand. The case is somewhat flimsy, though. Its plastic bends and squeaks if you squeeze it a little in your fingers. Well, this is hardly a serious drawback unless you compare the C702 with shockproof models.

The drive has a bright blue activity indicator. It is visible under any kind of ambient lighting. The drive comes without accessories.

Size: 62.8 x 22.0 x 8.7mm; weight: 10.4g.

A-Data N702



The N702 features perhaps the most extraordinary design among the drives included into this review. Its USB connector moves forward when you turn the back part of the case by 180 degrees. This is a very elegant, compact and ergonomic solution.

The drive lacks an activity indicator. The neck strap is fastened to it in an original manner – you won’t be able to replace the default strap if you cut or lose it.

Two neck straps of different lengths are included with the drive.

Size: 42.2 x 16.4 x 7.9mm; weight: 5.9g.

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