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The external hard disk drives will hardly surprise anyone today. Many well-known HDD manufacturers started expanding their product range lately by adding solutions like that. And there is every reason for this, actually.

After the USB 2.0 interface has completed its triumphal invasion into the users’ PCs, it appeared quite possible to take full advantage of the high HDD speeds even if they are implemented as external solutions. And if we also recall the FireWire interface, which is available in many today’s mainboards or can be acquired due to Audigy sound solutions or special add-on controller cards, it will be absolutely clear that the external hard disk drives are nothing exotic already. External HDDs no longer indicate how wealthy or “progressive” the user is, but can make users’ life a lot easier in many situations.

It is true that with a multi-gigabyte storage device, which can work efficiently with any modern computer, you can be absolutely sure that no unpleasant surprises occur. If you need to transfer a lot of data or create a backup of vitally important information, the external HDD solution will save you a lot of time and effort.

Besides classical hard disk drives intended to be installed inside a PC, Maxtor Company also got into external HDD manufacturing. Of course, we couldn’t disregard this fact that is why today we are happy to offer you a review of the fastest solution from Maxtor OneTouch family aka Personal Storage 5000DV.

Closer Look

The entire external hard disk drive family from Maxtor is called OneTouch. Where does this name actually come from? Well, if you take a closer look at the 5000DV HDD (Personal Storage 5000 Family), you will notice a large round button on the left of the front panel. With the help of this button you can create a backup for all files on your computer: just press it once. To be able to do it you will have to install special software enclosed with the drive. Besides that the front panel also carries two LEDs indicating the work mode status. At the bottom of the case there are four small legs, which raise the drive above the desk or any other surface it stands on and allow air circulation through the fan slits in the bottom of the case. At the back of the case there are two FireWire ports and a USB 2.0 port, as well as a power supply connector.

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