The Glorious Model O Family of Gaming Mice Review

The Glorious Model O family of gaming mice is one of, if not the most popular line of products for new members of the PC master race and veterans alike.

The original Model O was a revolutionary mouse since it made the ultralight design (Model O 67G, MOW 69G) initially introduced by Finalmouse available to the public for a reasonable price. With further developments, Glorious introduced the Model O- (Model O- 58G), a downscaled Model O perfect for finger-tip grip users and users with smaller hands overall.

The latest innovation in the Model O family was the introduction of the Model O Wireless, one of the most reasonably priced wireless mice with premium-grade performance!

Simply put the Model O can be used anywhere and for anything, be it FPS games, MMO games, or even regular office tasks.

I have had the Model O/O- since their initial releases in 2019 and after two years I feel like it is time to do an in-depth review that will give you all the information you would need about these mice.


One of the most important aspects of a mouse that will work well for you is its shape. As RJN says – shape is king. Luckily the Model O family sports one of the most iconic and safe shapes ever introduced in the gaming mice market.

The Model O and the MOW are instantly recognizable for their FK-esque shapes. You can palm, claw, and finger-tip the Model O/MOW if your hand size is right.

With that in mind if you are a finger-tip user such as myself I would definitely recommend the Model O- as this has been the perfect size and shape for me after testing mice such as the Viper Mini, MM711, Hati-S, etc.

glorious o- vs viper mini

A fair warning though, the Model O- is the SMALLEST mouse out of all the small mice, with one of the narrowest grips and the lowest humps. I absolutely love it for that, but if you are anxious about it being too small then starting with a Viper Mini would be a good idea.

holding glorious o-


The Model O family comes equipped with a Pixart 3360 sensor for the wired versions and a proprietary BAMF sensor made in collaboration with Pixart for the MOW.

There is not much to say about these sensors since they are part of the flawless sensors used in all of the top mice on the market. You will get pixel-by-pixel tracking, low LOD distances, and an overall perfect experience.

In 2 years of gaming in games such as CS:GO, Valorant, Apex Legends, Quake Champions, Diabotical, Kovaaks, League of Legends I have NEVER experienced any issues with the sensor, which says a lot about consistent performance.

There have been Reddit posts that I have seen regarding the sensor on the Model O having issues on certain pads like the MP510 (rough Cordura surface), but I have used the same pad for half a year with my Model O- and have NEVER experienced a hitch.


All Glorious mice come equipped with the 20M Omron switches which are unexceptional, but at the same time, they do their job well. The clicks feel responsive and crisp but the Model O family would feel better with some premium switches like the Kailh 8.0 switches.

So are the micro switches good? No. Are they bad? Once again no. In current times the 20M Omrons just feel plain and boring – that’s all.

Mouse Feet

The Glorious mice also come equipped with virgin PTFE feet called G-Skates out of the box.

These feet are not as good as Corepads or Hyperglides in terms of smoothness and speed, but if you want a more controlled feel to your mouse you should keep the G-Skates on as they are a lot slower by comparison.

Glorious also offers ceramic mouse feet called G-Floats which I have on my Model O-.

glorious 0- bottom

The benefit of the ceramic feet is their durability since they do not get scratched and slow down like PTFE feet. The ceramic feet also are faster on hard pards, slower on cloth pads, and about the same speed as PTFE on hybrid pads.

If you do buy the G-Floats, Glorious recommends setting the LOD in the software to 3MM since these feet are a bit taller than the regular PTFE feet.

My advice here is to just get some Hyperglides/Corepads because for now at least, the G-Floats do not feel as smooth as those, and are also more expensive.


When talking about the cable it obviously only applies to the wired versions so the MOW is out of the picture.

The original shoe-lace-like cable that came with the Glorious mice was terrible and would break often. Luckily enough they have upgraded it to a more paracord-like cable that is decent – the Ascended Cord.

At the same time, the truth is that there is nothing “ascended” about the Glorious cable. It is a decent cable indeed, but a true paracord cable is much more flexible and makes your mouse feel truly wireless.

The price points are the same so you might as well just buy a paracord for the best possible experience. You might have noticed that my Model O- already has a paracord equipped.

glorious o- cord

Build Quality

The biggest issue with Glorious mice is the quality control. Many people describe it as a roulette where you need to be lucky to get a mouse with no creaking sides, no creaking mouse wheel, etc.

My daily mouse, the Model O- has been serving me for 2 years, but it has not been only smooth sailing. My mouse was a pre-order so it was one of the very first batches to be produced, therefore, it came with a full array of issues.

The original cable of the mouse died so I HAD to swap to a paracord.

The mouse wheel lube dried off in 2 weeks and started screeching so I had to lube it up 3 times afterward to make it smooth again. My side buttons are mushy, and there is creaking when the sides of the mouse are pressed in.

With all that in mind, there is GOOD NEWS. Glorious has been working hard to ensure their quality control is getting better and the chances of you buying a product now and having the same issues as me is small.

Moreover, the return policy of Glorious is nothing short of excellent so even if you encounter some issues, you will be able to swap out the defective product 100%.


The Glorious family of mice comes accompanied by software that can be best described as utilitarian.

It is a simple interface with basic capabilities such as setting up your DPI profiles, lighting parameters, LOD, and debounce time. You also have access to a macro editor and profile selector.

glorious o- settings

My advice would be to download the software, set up your mouse, and uninstall it since everything will be saved on the mouse itself.


So is it worth buying a Model O/MOW or a Model O-? Absolutely! With the better QC in place, and the overall direction of premium feeling but well-priced products Glorious is using, there is no better time to snag a new mouse.

The MOW is literally the best-priced premium wireless mouse while the Model O- is one of the best finger-tip mice on the market. And let’s not forget about the regular Model O, which is the most recommended gaming mouse overall because of its price, shape, and capabilities.

So what do we say to the Glorious Model O family? There is always room for improve but they deserve a big thumbs up from us for sure! Keep up the good work Glorious!

Review Summary

The Glorious Model O family of gaming mice is extremely popular for a reason. The price to performance ratio is very good, and with the introduction of the smaller Model O- and the wireless Model O, Glorious has covered all the needs a gamer might have!

  • Pricing 9.0
  • Shape 9.0
  • Features 10


  • Extremely good pricing for a premium mouse
  • Very good return policy for Glorious products
  • A solid performing mouse that is hard to criticize


  • Build quality can vary from mouse to mouse
  • Software would need a bit of polish
  • A bit boring in terms of micro switches and scroll wheel encoder

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