How to Check How Long You’ve Been Following Someone on Twitch?

Many people often find asking themselves how long they’ve been using the Twitch platform and how long they’ve spent watching various streams, whether it’s time to finally delete your Twitch account or not, and many similar questions.

But many also wonder how long they’ve been following other streamers and how much time they’ve spent supporting their Twitch journey. Sometimes it’s months, sometimes it’s years but there is a way to find out the exact amount of time you’ve been following someone on Twitch.

Here is how to check how long you’ve been following someone on Twitch:

Check How Long You’ve Been Following Someone on Twitch

The process is surprisingly simple and you won’t have to perform a lot of steps to do this. That’s because Twitch has its own tool for finding this out.

Step 1: Open any browser

Step 2: Go to Twitch’s Follow Date Tool site

follow date twitch tool

Step 3: Enter your username in the “USERNAME” box

Step 4: Enter the channel you’ve been following in the “CHANNEL” box

Step 5: Hit “Check Date”

Once you click on “Check Date”, the tool will immediately show you the exact date that you have followed this channel on Twitch. From this, you can calculate the exact amount of time you have been following them based on the current date you are doing this process.

Now you can decide whether it’s been too long and unfollow the streamer on Twitch or be proud that you have stuck for so long and keep supporting them. In any case, this simple tool will help you find out this information in mere seconds.

So, the next time you ask yourself “how long have I been following someone on twitch,” you will know the precise amount of time.

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