How to Properly Clean a Monitor Screen

If you haven’t noticed yet, we talk a lot about cleaning your gaming peripherals and items. By now you should know how to clean your mouse, keyboard, mousepad, etc.

Another important item that will require your attention will be your gaming monitor. Today we will talk about things you should not do and how to clean a monitor screen correctly.

Attempting to clean your screen using popular belief and some sort of urban myth knowledge will most likely result in you damaging your screen so read this article first.

What Not to Do

If you want to know how to clean a monitor screen, first you need to understand what not to do. First and foremost, avoid household cleaning items like Windex or some other alcohol or an ammonia-based cleaner.

These will slowly eat away at the reflective and other protective layers on the monitor, resulting in damage, so no matter how cheap your monitor is you should still be careful!

Another important tip is to not use paper towels or regular tissues because these are wood-based products that will create micro-scratches on the surface of your monitor. These might not be visible instantly but after enough uses you will be seeing bigger scratches appear.

Also, you should stay away from regular cloth dampened with normal tap water. The surface of the cloth might be too rough for certain screens and layers and the tap water has a lot of other minerals inside, so just like the wood-based tissues, these will create micro scratches that will eventually surface as major damage.

The Easy Way Out

If you just want a foolproof solution for your situation you can just purchase special wipes made for electronic devices which will nicely clean your screen leaving no smudges or marks. These wipes are made with electronics in mind so they are perfectly safe to use on your gaming monitor, TV, etc.

The downside to this easy solution is that these tend to run out quickly and might be quite costly in the long run, so although convenient this is not what we would describe as the perfect solution.

This Is the Way – The Mandalorian

Mandalorian jokes aside there is a simple solution to the overall question of how to clean a monitor screen without spending much, and doing so safely.

For this, you will need a simple microfiber cloth and some distilled water. Simply dampen the microfiber cloth with distilled water (impurities removed) and wipe away at your monitor screen.

Make sure the cloth is DAMP, not WET because then the distilled water might drip and get in some crevice making short work of your expensive gaming monitor you so dearly cherished.

With these 2 simple tools, you should be able to remove 99% of the dust, fingerprints, or any other substances from the screen.

In the case when your monitor screen is simply dusty but has no greasy fingerprints you can just use a dry microfiber cloth and clean it easily.

If distilled water is not strong enough for certain super greasy spots on your monitor screen (Cheetos fingers) then you can use a dab (extremely small amount) of dish soap with your distilled water to clean your monitor screen.

Make sure the amount of dish soap is extremely small because otherwise your concoction might foam and make it a nightmare to get your monitor screen properly cleaned!

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