PMM Ultralight 2 Mod Kit – A Truly Custom Mouse

All of us are looking for our end-game mouse. In this pursuit, the saddest thing that can happen to mouse enthusiasts is to find a product that fits their grip style and hand size perfectly but to discover that it lacks features.

The main feature that is often missing from such mice with end-game potential is wireless connectivity. Mods like paracording are nice but a good wireless connection is amazing in terms of freedom.

So what do you do? Well, if you can build yourself a custom keyboard, then you can also build yourself a custom mouse!

Think of your favorite shape, like for example the Viper Mini, head over to PMM page and purchase the mod kit or a fully custom-built 3D printed mouse! This way you get the shape that you love and you make it wireless – what a day to be alive.

What is PMM?

So what does PMM do? The company is known for taking very popular mice and making 3D lightweight shell designs that you can use to build your own custom mice. This is done by using the internal components of the Logitech G305 inside of the custom shell you choose.

pmm mouse mods bottom with wheel

This is definitely not a mouse/mouse mod for everybody, but the people that have found their end-game shape and want to bring it to the next level by making it wireless will definitely be happy.

PMM Mouse Mod Kits

If you are more interested in the process of building your own mouse and want to do everything yourself you can go the same route I went and purchase the mod kit instead which basically gives you all the essential parts for the wireless mod.

pmm mouse mods parts

In this case, you have to purchase a Logitech G305 separately and tear it down so you can use the internal components for your custom wireless 3D printed mouse.

This option is also technically cheaper because you can find the mod kits on sale and the G305 on sale as well.

Fair warning – only proceed with this option if you are familiar with opening up your mouse and have the tools to do it.

In my case, I did some extra modding like changing the main switches to Kailh GM 2.0 for better tactility. This is an advanced mod and requires soldering equipment and experience.


In my case, I have ordered a Finalmouse Ultralight 2 3D printed shell since this is the best shape for my fingertip grip. The 3D shell is very close to the original size and feels amazing in my hands. The UL2 is an extremely good shape for anybody with smaller hands and can be even used with claw grip.

finalmouse ultralight 2 3d shell


The sensor in this mouse is obviously the Hero 12K sensor from the G305. What this should tell you is that the modded mouse uses a flawless sensor with perfect LOD and a stable 1000 Hz polling rate.

The extremely good sensor is one of the reasons why the internal components of the G305 are used in order to bring your custom 3D shell to life.


The switches that will end up in your PMM Mouse mod product depend on a couple of things. If you purchase the full mouse from the site it will come pre-equipped with Kailh GM 4.0.

If on the other hand, you purchase the mod kit just like me then you will most likely use the stock Omron switches that came with the G305.

In my case, as mentioned before, I swapped the stock Omrons and threw them in the garbage bin. It’s not that these are bad switches, it’s simply that they are not good either.

The Kailh GM 2.0’s I soldered into my custom PMM Ultralight 2 feel amazing and are definitely worth the extra 10 minutes of work.

Mouse Feet

The mice and the mod kits from PMM come with high-quality PTFE Hyperglide feet which are extremely good.

finalmouse ultralight 2 3d bottom

The feet are very smooth even on hybrid and Cordura pads making for a good experience with the mouse. I would say that overall the glide is pretty fast but with some grain of control to it – perfect for most users.

Compared to the stock feet that come with the G305 this situation is like comparing a Toyota Prius and a Ferrari.


The main point of this mod is the wireless capability. No matter how good the shape of the mouse is, if it is not wireless, it is not end-game – that’s just how it is.

Since we took the PCB from the G305 it is obvious that the wireless performance of the mouse is rock solid. We are using the same LIGHTSPEED wireless technology as in the premium Logitech mice like the Logitech G Pro X Superlight which results in a very low delay (1ms) between inputs.

Overall the combination of a very light shell and an extremely good PCB that is capable of wireless connectivity is what makes the PMM mice end-game for many gamers out there.

Build Quality

The build quality of the mouse is good. The main thing to understand is that this is still a 3D printed mouse shell, therefore, you cannot expect the same amount of durability from it.

Nevertheless, the UL2 mod kit that I have used ended up being rock-solid, with no creaking or flexing while in use.

This is encouraging since if the shell build quality was subpar, this would have dragged the entire experience of using such a custom mouse down.

Overall the build quality is within expectations.


Since the custom mouse uses the Logitech G305 internals it is quite obvious that the software to control the mouse is still Logitech software.

As with the G305, I would recommend you use OMM instead of G Hub since it is a simple .exe file that gives you all the information and options that you need without bloating up your PC.

g305 omm


The conclusion here is quite simple. If you have the time and money to spend on a custom 3D printed mouse that requires you to sacrifice another mouse in the process to achieve perfection then this is the project for you.

If on the other hand, you are on a budget and cables do not seem to bother you that much then this advanced mouse mod is definitely not for someone like you.

Review Summary

The PMM Mouse Mod custom 3D printed mice are a wonderful opportunity for anybody that has a favorite shape but has no wireless options for it yet. With either the full purchase or the mod kit purchase from PMM you are securing a favorite shape of yours but with the added freedom of wireless connectivity!

  • Weight 10
  • Shape 10
  • Performance 10


  • You can try most shapes people have deemed as best
  • Uses G305 internals for rock-solid performance
  • Allows you to finally find your end-game mouse (for now)


  • The full mouse or the mod kits are quite costly
  • You need to sacrifice a G305 which is even more money being spent
  • The process requires technical knowledge

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